22 MAY 1970 I was born in Kayseri, Sahabiye. Since September 15, 1990, I have been married happily and peacefully for 29 years, I have 2 boys, 28 and 23 years old. I worked in NGOs in social responsibility projects for my country and city, where I lived, I took part in every beautiful job and fulfilled my responsibilities.

I have attended many trainings related to my work and life, I have many certificates, even a professor Professor. Dr. Abdülkadir Akgüngüz was honored to be the “keystone” in the arch with the words of my teacher.

I studied at Akdeniz University Isparta Engineering Faculty Burdur Construction Vocational High School Construction department and Girne American University Interior Architecture Department and Anadolu University Business Administration Faculty for Management and Organization.

In the new era, I want to serve my company, country and humanity, where my ideals are compatible and I am honored to be a member.

Best Regards,
Osman Alp Kahya